Redemptive Family Church Series

The future of your church is bright!

God has already gifted your church family with everyone needed to fulfill God’s purpose in planting your church where it is. All it takes is for us to embrace God’s plan and work together as a family!

Church can be a disciple-making greenhouse where everyone’s gifts are being used and where modelling and spiritual formation can happen, not just through the week but on Sundays too.

All it takes is a renewed focus on our mission, with a simple strategy of inviting our friends to experience our gathering where space and time has been allowed for real conversations. 

Begin the journey

The Redemptive Family church series helps churches re-imagine ways of doing simple mission together that are effective and warmly relational – and which make real-world discipleship a natural part of the process!

This six-week series is based around four big ideas:

We are a family

          In a place

                    On a mission


It includes:

  • A personal devotional & workbook for each participant
  • Sermon outlines
  • Personal devotional booklets
  • Small group studies
  • Weekly surveys give feedback to church leadership
  • We recommend a facilitated church-wide conversation at the end to engage the whole congregation in next steps

The Redemptive Family church series changed our whole way of thinking as a church and has inspired us to become more focused upon mission together.  The carefully crafted Sunday messages, daily workbook and small group studies provided an integrated approach that has put the whole church on the same page. This series is ideal as a kickstart to local mission or as part of a church's ongoing intention to be a family that reaches out to its local community. This approach has new lessons for everyone.

A church-wide conversation

At the conclusion of the Redemptive Family church series, with guidance from the church leaders, the Love your Neighbour team facilitates a church-wide conversation. Usually held over a Friday evening and Saturday morning, this is a space where everyone has a voice and will contribute as your church discerns its next growth step. As a result relationships will be deepened and your people will be empowered, with renewed unity and enthusiasm for a shared vision.

“We were in a desperate place, people leaving, old hurts nagging, some disgruntled or discouraged… Where should the mending start?   The Redemptive Family series and workshop was the turning point in our church life.

The facilitators did a fantastic job leading us through the thinking process. They came up with great questions tailored to where we were at.  We had previously felt alone, all doing our own thing. Just coming together, given a space to share freely, started us on the right track.  

Young people suddenly sensed hopeful possibilities for change. Newcomers found a welcome and wanted to bring others. This is not some quick fix or outside programme, but helping a congregation come to solutions and a way forward with God’s help.” 

Roanne M.

Find out more

If you dream of your church becoming a family on a mission together, invite us to have a ‘no obligation’ meeting with your church leadership team to explore how this resource could benefit your church. 

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