Redemptive Family

When church is at core a true family of Jesus, it is redemptive for insiders and outsiders alike

What do we and the neighbour on our street have in common? We all long for direction and purpose, and a sense of belonging. Church is a redemptive family when there is a place at the table for everyone, wherever they are on the journey, and where everyone is encouraged to keep growing in the direction of Jesus. The engine of such a church is a shared commitment to mission, expressed through invitation and hospitality.

Redemptive Family Church Series

Want to help your church go from surviving to thriving? Heard our Podcast and want to take the next step? Reimagine your church as a family, rooted in a place, on relationship-focused mission together with our church series!

Redemptive Family Podcast

Is your church struggling to grow? Are you in need of some help and hope? Join us as we journey with churches across New Zealand and ask the big question: why do we do church?

Warmly presents the scriptural model of church as a family, in a place, on mission, together. 

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A church start-up in Pt Chevalier, Auckland was launched on the principles of Redemptive Family. What happened? 

Join a network of others who would like to plant a church using the model of Redemptive Family. 

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