Conversation Café

The wisdom you need is already in the room. But it can help to have outsiders draw it out.

There are all sorts of reasons why you may wish to engage your people in a church-wide conversation:

  • Your church is feeling stuck
  • Your church faces a crossroads
  • You need to address missional or cultural drift
  • Your people need to bond more as a team / family

Using the process of Appreciative Inquiry, we can apply our training and experience in facilitating church-wide conversations to assist your church. We call such events a Conversation Café. They are able to draw everyone together and focus them on a hopeful future.

What we offer is not conflict resolution.

If your church is stuck because of hurts of the past and is not able to look with hope to the future, you may need assistance from experts trained in conflict resolution. We are not the people for this.

However, having real conversations about the things that really matter can grow trust and our hope for the future. Hearing each other’s heart is an excellent way to keep your church in good emotional and spiritual health!

Give us a call if we can serve you in this way.

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