Building a Reputation for Caring Service

City Impact Church Community Day 7 August 2010

Cheryl Megchelse, City Impact Church

19 August 2010

Building a Reputation for Caring Service

Being a solo parent can be tough, especially when you are new to the area, have very few contacts and don't know where to go for support.   Naomi and her four-year-old daughter found this out recently when she moved to the North Shore.   However, it wasn't long before she met Mary-Kath Laita, Community Project Coordinator from City Impact Church who arranged for a team of volunteers to come and carry out garden maintenance at her home. 

City_Impact1.jpg Noami in her garden with City Impact Church
volunteer Dominique Whateley

“It gets a bit overwhelming trying to be a mum and a dad and a housewife all together,” Naomi admits.   “I don't like asking for help.   Ever since I was a little kid I've been taught that you do it on your own. You don't put your hand up and say. 'Please help me.' Meeting Mary-Kath has made me realise there are people out there who are willing to help.”
Dorothy is an eighty-year-old widow, living on her own, who often feels isolated, not knowing who to ask for help when it comes to jobs she is unable to do.   When the church heard about her, they sent a team to clean her house and carry out some much needed garden maintenance around her property.  
The work at Naomi and Dorothy's homes was completed as part of the church's most recent Community Impact Day that saw over 450 volunteers come out in the pouring rain to carry out gardening, cleaning and home make-over work at 66 different sites all over the Shore.
Most of the jobs completed were for people referred to the church by different community groups and government agencies.

City_Impact2.jpgCity Impact Church Team leader Lisa Mortlock delivers a gift box of cookies to Naomi and her daughter

“City Impact Church is doing that extra work in the community that we simply don't have the resources to undertake,” says North Shore City Deputy Mayor Julia Parfitt.   “It's great knowing that I can pick up the phone and ask for some help and that they'll come.   It's just a wonderful addition to our community.”
“As a church we want to bring the message of hope and love to our city,” says Community Project Coordinator Mary-Kath Laita.   “There are so many people out there who are hurting and who feel like they have been left to struggle on their own.   We want them to know that there is a church here that cares about them as individuals, and wants to make a difference in their lives.   That's what these days are all about.”