• 3 December 2018

      A few days ago I caught up with a soon-to-be-married couple who are already setting in motion a plan for a very different kind of life together. They don’t dream of merely living with more»
    When is a flat more than a flat?
  • 23 April 2018

    The church is intentionally patterned on Alpha. Meeting Sunday evenings, the service integrates a potluck dinner with an informal family gathering that includes worship, prayer, gospel-sharing and group discussion time. The church's tagline is 'Come Hungry' and it offers both food for the body and food for the soul. Its mission is primarily to the people of Pt Chevalier and perhaps half the regular attenders live within walking distance of the church. One person this new church has touched is Craig Schaumkell. more»
  • 13 September 2017

      In March 2016 Lydia Read (of New Wine fame) together with husband Shane and 4 other couples left their churches to start Hope Vineyard Church in Palmerston North. Why, in a city of 80,000 more»
  • 24 April 2017

    What made this event special was not all the things that have been done before, but the focus on connection and relationships. Good job, people! more»
  • 27 February 2017

    How a church start-up teamed up with university students and high-schoolers to reach out to one of the most under-churched suburbs in Auckland more»
    Loving our neighbours in Point Chev
  • 22 November 2016

    Riccarton Community Church in Christchurch is seeing eternal fruit from vegetables :) more»
    From Vegetables to Alpha
  • 30 August 2016

    Ranui may not be one of Auckland's aspirational suburbs, but it has a church that most others can only aspire to. more»
  • 29 June 2016

    This church has grown from nothing to around 60 in three years. Clint is proud of the fact that there are a number of people on the journey with them who have a sense of belonging but who have not yet made a profession of faith. “We can be real, not hide our faith and still display the love of Jesus in a way that people find wonderfully attractive. In the meantime, we are letting the Holy Spirit do His work!” more»
  • 20 March 2016

    "It's basically just doing stuff and being prepared to do what is necessary. There is no formula,” says Ray. more»
  • 22 December 2015

    The most significant factor that takes this street from community-building to community outreach is that the folk from this church know that it's all about relationships. more»
  • 29 May 2015

    Feed My Lambs was began three years ago by two young Maori women who were a part of the church and had been shocked to discover that there were young mums in the community who were feeding their babies flour and water, or even Coke because infant formula was too expensive. Through a fruitful partnership with St Pauls church in Auckland the church was able to begin providing sponsored nappies and formula powder to those in greatest need. more»
    Feed My Lambs
  • 16 April 2015

    Many people walk past because they live in the apartments in the area and are out and about on foot – many do not own vehicles. They will stop and look especially when they see other people of similar ethnicity to themselves. They will readily accept invitations to come as a result of those outreaches. Often in those outreaches the Gospel is told in a very straight forward way, in a way that would turn people off if it was being told like that, standing on a street corner, to regular Kiwis. more»
    A surprising discovery - the Tab's tale
  • 23 October 2012

    Cody comes from a family that struggled with alcohol and drugs, but because of his persistence his mother and step-father ended up coming to church, going on the Alpha course two years ago and getting saved – something that has transformed the family and completely changed the home dynamic. more»
    'Ahoy, me hearties!'
  • 23 October 2012

    Three years ago St Andrew's, Invercargill was on its knees - literally. We faced closure as the congregation was in decline and the average age of parishioners was over 70. So we prayed and recommitted ourselves to God asking Him to lead us into the future. more»
    Looking Out
  • 4 March 2012

    A simple invitation by Jacqui to neighbours to join her on her morning walk to the beach has led to changed lives and a deeper sense of community. more»
    'Penguins' help build a more connected community
  • 3 March 2012

    Members from the church and the community come for help with their hurts, habits and hang-ups; they meet Jesus; and they then are able to disciple others using the same programme. more»
    Celebrate Recovery - The Power of Love
  • 3 March 2012

    Over the last nine years, a new Halloween tradition has developed in the Massey area of west Auckland. Local churches have worked together to create an annual alternative Halloween event for the community, called Stars Party. more»
    Stars Party draws huge crowds in West Auckland
  • 3 March 2012

    Concerned about the number of school students suffering from the effects of abuse in their family environment, Presbyterian Support Northern family violence prevention advocate Jude Halberg approached a local college with an idea: a one-day workshop “to help kids understand what healthy relationships look like”. more»
    Anti Violence Pilot Programme a Success
  • 11 September 2011

    "Sometimes as community development workers, we think we see a need but it's not necessarily what people want," says Leao. "It's not just about consultation but about getting to the heart of what it is people would love to do." more»
    Building Community, Building the Kingdom
  • 22 August 2011

    Both Megan and Marianne have a belief in friendship evangelism and are passionate about building relationships with young mums "who have no idea how much their life is going to change," says Megan. more»
    Pamper Night a soft introduction to church
  • 11 August 2011

    2011 was the 3rd consecutive year we have hosted this event, it is held in a local park and begins with an outdoor church service which is then followed by the opening of the local stalls, activities and entertainment. more»
    Children's Day 'Fun in the Park'
  • 10 August 2011

    The Church Army of NZ (CANZ) is quietly touching lives through its members in Christchurch. more»
    Church Army touches lives in Christchurch
  • 8 March 2011

    The organisers' aim was to invite residents to find the treasures in their community, be they people or places or services and to cultivate a greater sense of community identity and belonging within the neighbourhood. Participants could choose from 26 routes around the community, including places such as the Japanese Garden and the Millbrook Garden. more»
    Our Amazing Place Community Treasure Hunt
  • 7 March 2011

    Most Kiwis are familiar with the term 'Scarfies”, probably for all the wrong reasons. The term refers of course to students of Otago University and is possibly one of endearment only to the students. The community around Dunedin's world-famous university brace themselves annually for the fresh intake of young people, most of whom will become part of the culture at Otago University. more»
    Volunteering Comes Up Trumps
  • 7 March 2011

    We live in a multicultural society. Some Christians are fearful of these changes in our society, but others see it as a chance to show God's love to people who may never have heard it. One such is Rodney Cowell, who for nine years was pastor of Mairangi Bay Community Church. more»
    God's Secret Plan
  • 7 March 2011

    One of the good things to emerge in the aftermath of the September Christchurch quake has been the coming together of neighbours, churches and businesses and seeing New Zealand as a whole reaching out. Perhaps the quake has shaken New Zealand and the church in more ways than one, stirring new thought and sparking change. more»
    One heart, many hands
  • 21 September 2010

    Wellington South Baptist Church recently drew the attention of local papers, including the Dominion Post, when it hosted a free Computer Fixit Day in March. Fred Alvrez, the man behind the event, and four other tech-savvy men from the church volunteered to spend a full day knee-deep in repairs for anyone whose computers were not up to par. more»
    Computer Fixit Day - Even Geeks can Serve!
  • 6 September 2010

    Gerald had given up a life of drugs and gang affiliations several years ago and had turned his life over to Christ, but had no Christian friends. Enter Treena Davis from River Valley Baptist Church, who gave him a basket of Easter goodies and not only touched his life with kindness but also introduced him to her husband, Clinton... more»
    No Strings Attached
  • 1 September 2010

    Carolyn Sims says of her multifaceted role as Community Worker for Flagstaff Union Parish: "I just want to get myself out there in the community, say what we are and what we do and just start to build relationships." She refers to herself as 'the face you connect with the place'. more»
    Making 'church in community' a reality
  • 27 August 2010

    Thanks to Dr Jeremy Baker and his wife, Settlers Health Centre in Christchurch has become a space where people not only get medical help but can also begin a journey to spiritual and emotional health. more»
    Journey of Discovery
  • 19 August 2010

    A church-based ladies' crafts group is not a novel idea, and it may even sound old-fashioned. But Jane Jensen's church has turned it into a vehicle for involving not-yet-Christians in kingdom work. She explains what got her hooked... more»
    Community outreach that worked for me
  • 19 August 2010

    "As a church we want to bring the message of hope and love to our city," says Community Project Coordinator Mary-Kath Laita. "There are so many people out there who are hurting and who feel like they have been left to struggle on their own. We want them to know that there is a church here that cares about them as individuals, and wants to make a difference in their lives." more»
    Building a Reputation for Caring Service
  • 25 June 2010

    Jane Jensen, an early pioneer of Neighbourhood Watch in New Zealand and former North Shore City councillor, describes the spiritual power of connectedness that she has discovered on her street which is birthing an exciting new movement on the Hibiscus Coast! more»
    A Lighthouse on my Street
  • 24 June 2010

    One morning I got up and knew I had to get more involved with my neighbours - the once a year street party was not enough. God laid upon my heart to walk with them, because that is what I love doing. Hey - two birds with one stone, exercise and witnessing! And so "The March of the Penguins" was born. more»
    The March of the Penguins
  • 14 May 2010

    When close friends get inspired to do something together, they are pretty much unstoppable. So it proved to be for Jo Duncan, Sharma Wood and Claire Gray who, in their first year at Waikato University, had their eyes opened to the needs of their city and decided to make a difference. more»
    Streetworks : Hamilton's youthful community change agents
  • 14 May 2010

    Young people dream of making the world a better place, and when community service is part of their school curriculum they get the chance to do something practical to make this dream come true.
    Setting Young People Free to Serve
  • 14 April 2010

    “It's all about relationships”, says Leao. "It starts with a smile, then you talk about their kids or their dog. When I see someone new in the park I always head over to say hello. You have to be prepared to get involved in people's lives and let them get involved in yours. Who is God holding us accountable for if not our neighbours?" more»
    Hardcore attitude, gentle touch
  • 13 April 2010

     “The natural outworking of being Christians in the Albany community is that we want to help Albany be a better community”, explains Carl Becker, Projects Coordinator for Shore more»
    Scouting Out Opportunities to Serve
  • 31 March 2010

    A church in Oamaru is running a successful Friday night club for kids, despite everyone in the congregation being over 55. more»
    Kids' craft club gives church new lease of life
  • 30 November 1999

    The Day Camp just grows in popularity each year. They are probably going to have to start capping numbers, because around 325 kids is about the limit the facilities can cope with. more»
    Great things come from small beginnings
  • 30 March 2010

    It all started with a competition that required kids to hold onto a boat, without talking, for as long as they could. Nine hours, as it happens, but don't worry; the boat was on land, and the children all regained their voices. And best of all, out of this madcap rivalry a small Bay of Islands church has birthed a programme for local youngsters. more»
    'Hold Da Boat!'
  • 28 March 2010

    Mr and Mrs Ashby, aged 82 and 68, are the primary carers for their twelve-year-old grandson, Joshua, who has cerebral palsy. For Mrs Ashby, this means a gruelling daily routine of bathing, dressing and feeding Joshua, administering his medication and turning him every two to three hours at night. more»
    City Impact's Community project March 2010
  • 28 March 2010

    When a small group of believers heard about the financial difficulties of a friend and family member they responded by delving into their own pockets. It was an act of love that set in motion a series of events that grew more remarkable with every stage, and which ultimately blessed not only those directly involved, but their community too. more»
    God's Blueprint
  • 28 March 2010

    For young mums with no adult company at home during the day, motherhood can be isolating. It is a crucial ministry time, and fortunately, international organisation MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) is helping churches and para-church groups to befriend and mentor mothers of young children. more»
    MOPS, Mums and Mentors
  • 15 December 2009

    Unseasonably cold and wet weather saw the shepherds, the wise men, the angelic choir and a young calf which was getting cold crowding into the stable with Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. That was the first year! more»
  • 8 October 2009

    For most teenagers, school holiday means working on nailing that 180 kickflip on the half pipe, clocking the latest XBOX 360 shooter game, or hanging out with the girls catching the latest chick flick at the movies. But for thirty-one teenagers it meant signing up for YOUTHSERVE Street Invaders '09 more»
    Seeds of love and hope
  • 24 September 2009

    If you are a parent of winter sports-playing children, you'll know the routine. The early starts, the biting wind, the chilly, squelching mud. What you may not be so familiar with is a group of smiling strangers giving you a free hot drink to warm your hands around. more»
    What a God idea!
  • 16 September 2009

    It is not often that a community invites a church to start a programme in its midst. So, when 12 years ago the small West Auckland community of Huia approached Laingholm Baptist Church with a request for an after-school activities club, it seemed too good an opportunity to turn down. more»
    Friday Club
  • 15 September 2009

    On Father's Day, 2008, St Andrews cancelled their regular church service and held their first free event in a local park, receiving such a positive response from the community they decided to make it an annual event. more»
    Families Flock to Father's Fun Day
  • 2 September 2009

    Some might look at the junk piling up outside their neighbours' houses and mutter darkly about declining property values. However, one Upper Hutt youth group has seen it for what it really is - an opportunity for ministry. more»
    Rubbish opens doors into lives
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