Redemptive Family

Your whole church family embracing mission together

How do we help our church family fulfil their missional purpose?

Our people hope that church will help them live out their missional purpose, and this is a reasonable expectation. However, we have a limited number of church programmes and some require very specific skills. The result is that relatively few of our members are able to see their unique gifting lived out in church-based mission. We all need our faith stretched to grow, otherwise apathy and disillusionment will follow.  

Instead of asking our members to fulfil their purpose through serving us, what if our church found ways to support the mission of its members without asking them to go it alone? 

The ‘Redemptive Family’ church series builds on the insights of the ‘Redemptive Family’ devotional and is designed to help us imagine ways of doing simple mission together that are effective and warmly relational.  

With everyone engaged and fulfilled in mission the church grows spiritually and numerically!

The ‘Redemptive Family’ church series includes:

  •   A 5-week daily devotional for everyone
  •  Sermon outlines and small-group studies that build on the
  • devotional readings
  •  A weekly survey that encourages a church-wide conversation about your church’s missional purpose
  •  A facilitated workshop for the whole church to make a practical plan together for next steps 


‘Redemptive Family’ covers:

  •  Church is a family on a mission
  •  Why God planted our church here
  •  How we individually nurture redemptive relationships
  •  How the family can share and grow relationships together
  •  Being mature people who lead ourselves well


Love Your Neighbour can support your church

  Love Your Neighbour has the experience and expertise to facilitate the Redemptive Family Workshop that concludes the series.  

Using the techniques of Appreciative Inquiry, this workshop begins a process that gives everyone a voice and ensures a positive outcome for your church.  

At your invitation we will meet with your church leadership to help you coordinate the ‘Redemptive Family’ series and workshop so that the whole process supports the vision and direction you want to go. 

Contact us today and let’s have a conversation about how we can serve you!