Covid-19 : What church leaders learned through lockdown

Bruce Edmonds has this week informally interviewed a number of church leaders around the country using Zoom and asked these questions:

  • How would you describe your church family?

  • When we went into lockdown, what was the biggest challenge you faced?

  • As we’ve gone through the lockdown process, what are the most important things for you to focus on with your church?

  • It may be that NZ will not be able to return to 2019 normal within 12-18 months.  What impact do you think this will have in how you do church and how you understand the mission of your church? 

  • Would it be fair to say you have hope for the future?

We trust what they have learned through lockdown about the heart of church will be encouraging to you!

Nick McLennon, senior pastor at the Mahurangi Presbyterian Church, Warkworth NZ 

Neil Baker, senior pastor at the Baptist Tabernacle, Auckland NZ

Gary Grut, senior pastor at Glen Eden Baptist Church, Auckland NZ 

Steve Worsley, senior pastor at the Mt Albert Baptist Church, Auckland NZ 

Andrew Cox, senior pastor at the English speaking congregation of Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church, Auckland NZ

Andrew Marshall, senior pastor at the Blockhouse Bay Community Church, Auckland NZ 

Bob Whittaker, Ministries Team Leader, Auckland Bible Church, Auckland NZ

Lydia Read, church leader at Hope Vineyard Church, Palmerston North, NZ 

Nick Field, senior pastor at The Street Church, Wellington NZ