Staff living by faith : Bruce & Vicky Edmonds

By supporting us you are helping churches transform ordinary neighbourhoods with the love of Jesus

Highlights of 25 years in ministry

  • Establishing the work of Christians Against Poverty in New Zealand
  • Developing the Love Your Neighbour Trust to provide stories, tools and training to see every neighbourhood across New Zealand befriended by a local church
  • Serving in our local church through preaching, leading worship, leading small groups, children and youth ministries
  • We are practitioners, currently engaged in a church plant in Pt Chevalier in Auckland.


The church in NZ passionately desires to build bridges to its neighbours, but often opts for service models that are not relationally rich, that are resource-hungry and which only a few in church can be a part of. What if we could show how everyone in church could be a part of taking the whole gospel to their whole community?


We provide workshops for whole churches that cast vision and hone skills which are critical for kingdom success, such as:

  • Focusing on relationships and making friends for the sake of the kingdom
  • Designing ministry opportunities so that kingdom outcomes are ‘built in’
  • How to be an inspiring leader
  • How to build and empower a team
  • How to engage everyone in church in the mission

Write the next chapter with us!

If you believe God's plan to reach our communities is to equip the local church for service, we'd love for you to join our team! This is a faith ministry and your support is key to our success. Your monthly donation or special gift is tax-deductible and hugely appreciated!

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